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Plant 2D Functional Design Training and Learning Path The Plant 2D Functional Design learning path is the recommended progression of professional development for infrastructure professionals who use plant products. Users accrue one Learning Unit for each hour of Plant 2D Functional Design training they complete. These Learning Units are Bentley Institutes equivalent to Professional Development Hours (PDHs) and are added to a personal online transcript that demonstrates professional growth over time.

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Course Type:
Classroom Learning: Hands-on
Course Description:
This course is designed for drafters or designers new to the OpenPLANT P&ID and Data Manager applications. Using the Administrator utility the student first creates a new project to collect design data during the creation of the P&ID. Students learn to use the P&ID tools to create a detailed drawing including equipment, minor and major process lines, control stations including all instruments, To/From arrows and annotations. Using Data Manager the student learns how to access and modify project instrumentation, equipment, piping, and valve data.
Learning Objectives:
  • Learn how to create and install a project
  • Learn the P&ID tools and commands to create a P&ID
  • Learn how to assign tags and symbols
  • Learn how to create new tags in the database
  • Learn how to place equipment vessels
  • Learn to draw major and minor process lines
  • Learn how to place gate, control valves and bypass lines
  • Learn how to define and place instruments including all annotation
  • Learn how to place flow and To/From arrows with consistency checking
  • Learn how to create a PSV and edit the associated database data
  • Learn how to create assemblies shared by other users
  • Learn how to create a tagged component from common AutoCAD commands
  • Learn how to use P&ID Utilities to break and mend lines
  • Learn to create and import an exchange drawing
  • Learn how to create and modify tag data using the Data Manager interface
  • Learn how to manipulate and modify views and columns
  • Learn how to find, replace and import project data § Learn how to create and modify reports.
Course Topics:
• Drawing Creation • Equipment Placement • Drawing Process Lines • Creating Control Stations and Placing Valves • Placing Instruments • Annotation and Flow Arrows • Placing PSV’s and Nozzles • Assembly Manager • Placing To/From Arrows • Modifying Equipment • Process Line Manager • P&ID Utilities • Introduction to Data Manager • Data Manager Tags • Data Manager Views • Navigating Project Data • Data Manager Reports
Course Prerequisit:
Six months basic AutoCAD experience
Learning Units:
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