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The Bentley AutoPIPE learning path is the recommended progression of professional development for infrastructure professionals who use AutoPIPE products. Users accrue one Learning Unit for each hour of AutoPIPE training they complete. These Learning Units are Bentley Institutes equivalent to Professional Development Hours (PDHs) and are added to a personal online transcript that demonstrates professional growth over time

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Course Type:
Classroom Learning: Hands-on
Course Description:

Products Covered: AutoPIPE CONNECT Nuclear 


Target Audience: Design Engineer; Mechanical Engineer; Mechanical Engineering Designer; Pipe Stress Engineer; Piping Designer; Piping Drafter; Plant Engineer; Structural Designer; Structural Engineer; Structural Engineering Technician

This course is intended for new and existing users of AutoPIPE. Our goal is introduce the requirements of the ASME NB nuclear design code and explain how to use AutoPIPE Nuclear  to model safety critical piping systems. The intent of the course is to teach students how to apply the unique features of AutoPIPE Nuclear powered by ADLPipe. Although some of the ASME NB code information is included for reference, it is not the intent of the course to teach the piping code or stress analysis. There are several regular piping specific classes offered by ASME and due to the nature of ASME NB there is a requirement to show an understanding of the piping code and experience of analysis, before embarking on safety critical piping analysis.

Learning Objectives:

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the ASME NB modeling features of AutoPIPE Nuclear powered by ADLPipe.
  • Understand the procedure for compiling ASME NB analysis load cases and combining them to produce code compliant stress summary and fatigue reports.
  • Understand the method for determining the transient through wall temperature and gross discontinuity stress using the Thermal Transient Analysis module.
  • Understand how to post process and interpret results either graphically or from the output reports.
  • Understand the methodology and limitations of the ADLPipe translator.
Course Topics:
  • ASME NB Background
  • Special ASME NB Geometry Considerations
  • Special ASME NB Loading Considerations
  • Analysis and Post Processing Options
  • Working Example
  • ADLPipe Translator
Course Details:

Course Prerequisites:

  • AutoPIPE Fundamental training or adequate experience of AutoPIPE modeling and analysis.
  • Qualified in mechanical, structural or similar engineering or an understanding of stress analysis.
  • Experience and familiarity with piping design codes.

Learning Units:
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