MSC Apex Generative Design

Bridge the gap between design and manufacturing with Smart Generative Design

MSC Apex Generative Design is the fully automated generative design solution built on the most intuitive CAE
environment in the world, MSC Apex. It exploits all the easy-to-use and easy-to-learn features of MSC Apex
while employing an innovative generative design engine in the background. Thus, it dramatically decreases
the effort required in the design optimisation workflow.


MSC Apex Generative Design

Smart Generative Design for an unmatched Design for Additive Manufacturing Experience

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Not all generative design software is equal

MSC Apex Generative Design provides a truly end to solution for designers making high-precision, industrial components. It takes you from screen to machine faster and with less human intervention than any other software.

Change is upon us. For the first time you can innovate, improve and validate parts and products in one simple end to end solution. Designers unite, join the MSC ApexGD revolution today.

Designers love MSC Apex Generative Design. Their eyes light up when they use it because it thinks like them, improving parts using subtractive, formed and assembled designs – only faster. Users have experienced 80% reductions in initial design and setup time by combining multiple steps, from a starting geometry through preparation to optimisation.

Set the specifications, sit back, relax and then enjoy targeted design suggestions delivered at the speed of light.

MSC Apex Generative Design at a glance

  • Simplicity – No expert knowledge required for conducting optimisations through a high user-focused software design.
  • Automated Design – Almost automatically generate multiple smoothed design candidates that all satisfy the design criteria while minimizing the weight.
  • Import and Validation – Import existing geometries or mesh, find optimized design candidates, and perform design validation – all inside a single CAE environment.
  • Direct Output – Export geometry that can be directly manufactured and used immediately without manual re-work.
  • One Process – Import the resulting geometries in Simufact Additive or Digimat AM to achieve cost-efficient first-time-right result for every part.

Design for Additive Manufacturing

(DfAM) without expert knowledge

MSC Apex Generative Design is designed specifically to generate the detailed and highly complex structures that only additive processes can manufacture. The optimised designs exhibit perfect transitions between structure elements such as struts and shells as well as they contain usually selfsupporting structures that ensure the results can be sent straight to print.
However, in cases where further manufacturing and design validation is necessary, MSC Apex
Generative Design is interoperable with Simufact Additive, Digimat AM, and MSC Nastran. The
advantages of this innovative software are compelling:


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