MSC Actran

Superior Acoustic Performance

Actran is a premier software solution for simulating acoustics, vibro-acoustics and aeroacoustics easily, quickly and accurately. Empowered by the technologies of finite/infinite
element methods (FE/IFE), as well as the Discontinuous Galerkin Method (DGM), Actran
provides a rich library of materials, elements, boundary conditions, solution schemes
and solvers. With the high performance solution coupled with easy to use modeling
environment, engineers can gain insight into the acoustic behavior of their products and
improve designs early in the product development cycle.


Actran Acoustics

Powerful Acoustic Simulation Software

Improve the acoustic performance of your designs with this complete simulation solution used by leading manufacturers around the world.
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Actran is the premier acoustics software to solve acoustics, vibro-acoustics, and aero-acoustics problems. Used by automotive manufacturers and suppliers, aerospace and defense companies, and consumer product manufacturers, Actran helps engineers better understand and improve the acoustics performance of their designs.

Actran provides a rich library of material models, a complete element library that includes infinite elements, high performance solvers to solve large size problems and a user-friendly GUI that is highly customizable to your needs. Actran, with its modular nature, can be deployed based on your applications and requirements.


Actran Acoustics is the foundation module of the Actran family. It is both a standalone tool and is a pre-requisite for advanced modules like Actran VibroAcoustics, Actran AeroAcoustics and Actran TM. Some of the robust capabilities of this module include:

  • Simulate standard and convected acoustics
  • Extract acoustic modes
  • Analyze sound field in cavities, with either modal or physical approaches
  • Model absorbing walls using impedance conditions of porous material models
  • Analyze sound radiation
  • Analyze sound propagation in ducts, intake and exhaust lines or distribution systems in buildings, aircrafts, and automobiles
  • Recover vibration results from most FEA structural solvers for radiation analysis
Sample Applications:
  • Sound radiation by vibrating structures: powertrain, engine components (oilpan, intake manifold and air filter, valve cover, etc.), compressors, electrical motors, loudspeakers and more.
  • Intake and exhaust noise, including complex mufflers and silencers.
  • Air conditioning units and distribution systems (calculation of transfer matrices coefficients).
  • Sound absorption inside passenger compartment of cars, trains and aircrafts.
  • Sound propagation in complex media with mean flow or temperature gradient.
  • Audio devices such as telephones, hearing aids or musical instruments.


Why Choose Actran

Broad Range of Applications

With its broad range of acoustic analysis capabilities, Actran is used by diverse customers like automotive manufacturers
and suppliers, civil and military aircraft and aircraft engine manufacturers, and consumer product manufacturers including
loudspeakers and audio device producers. With its rich elements and analysis capabilities, users can simulate not only
standard acoustic problems such as exterior acoustic radiation, interior resonation or vibro-acoustic transmission,
but also particular problems such as sound wave propagation in narrow ducts or thin cavities, where crucial acoustic
phenomena must be faithfully simulated for the design of hearing aid devices or satellite solar array panels.


Actran contains a wide set of acoustic modeling features supported by its robust and reliable acoustic finite and infinite
element library. Whether you are analyzing interior or exterior acoustic problems, modeling the transmission through
flexible walls or predicting the absorption by a porous medium, you can easily accomplish the task with Actran, which
offers both modal and physical approaches and multiple material models. Through its seamless interface with most
finite element structural analysis solvers like MSC Nastran, you can also solve sound radiation problems with improved


Actran is packaged to suit your specific analysis requirements. You can get started with the foundation module of Actran
Acoustics, which provides a wide set of acoustic analysis capabilities. For specific advanced analysis requirements, you
can choose to add specific modules to reach higher level of complexity of the simulated physics.

Superior Performance

By taking advantage of Actran’s superior solvers and parallel processing capabilities, users can solve bigger problems
faster. The mesh adaptivity allows optimal acoustic meshes to efficiently compute acoustic analyses. The automation
capability by scripting allows running more design iterations in shorter time. Engineers can now improve time to market
for their products with increased confidence in the designs.

Outstanding Support

Backed by world-wide support, you can be confident to get answers to your questions at all
stages of software usage. Our highly proficient services teams can also help you
gain the most out of the software through customized training, consulting
services, methodology development and product customization.


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