Virtual prototyping solutions that ensure safety and reliability, compliance with requirements, and make the ship design and verification process faster and more efficient. Shipbuilding With more than 400 highly-skilled field engineers worldwide, MSC has the skills and capacity to help you with your aerospace design challenges Aerospace Computational modeling and analysis is giving biomedical engineers a competitive advantage by reducing risk, lowering costs, and accelerating innovation Medical Devices Improve reliability, efficiency and safety of your products operating in the world’s toughest environments Energy MSC Software tools allow railway companies to create and test virtual prototypes of components, subsystems, and full railway vehicles that are proven to save time and money when compared to the conventional “build and test” process. Rail As a pioneer in simulation technologies for defence industry, MSC Software offers a complete suite of multidisciplinary capabilities required to build best-of-class products Defence Accuracy and robustness you deserve for your simulation problems to reduce physical testing costs and accelerate innovation Consumer
Achieve material savings without sacrificing product performance with MSC's leading simulation solutions Packaging MSC Software applications are used by many of the most successful companies in the heavy equipment industry to meet their challenges while shortening design cycles and reducing reliance on physical prototypes and tests. Heavy
Discover a faster, more integrated, sustainable approach to the design, development and production of electric vehicles. Electrical Vehicles The mobility revolution demands new simulation solutions. MSC's tools work together to address an industry-leading breadth of challenges in development and validation of driver assist systems to fully autonomous vehicles. Autonomous Driving In automobile racing, winning is inextricably linked in some fashion to speed – and we don’t just mean lightning-fast lap times but speed of technology deployment. Our software products are used with that single, principal aim in mind - delivering a rapid, first-time-right design. Motorsports

It’s time to explore a smarter way to access simulation software.

MSCOne is a definitive collection of the most advanced simulation software. Now designers and engineers can flexibly access all the CAE software they might need with a low barrier to entry, thanks to our subscription-based token system.

MSCOne Unlock the world of engineering simulation with our portfolio token system.

MSCOne Unlock the world of engineering simulation with our portfolio token system.

MSCOne is a product token system that lets you take advantage of the breadth and depth of MSC Software’s simulation portfolio within a flexible token-based
licensing system.


Typically offered on an annual subscription basis, MSCOne provides efficient implementation of your
investment in product development with access to a suite of multidisciplinary engineering software tools.


Key aspects of MSCOne include:

  • As a subscription product, MSCOne’s capacity can be expanded or contracted based on current and future project needs.
  • Access to more connected physics and disciplines allows better prediction of part and system’s multiphysics behaviour.
  • Ability to leverage MSC’s ecosystem of products including; MSC Apex, MSC Nastran, Patran, Adams, Marc, SimManager, MaterialCenter and more.
  • Substantially all current and future MSC products will be available in MSCOne.

With the subscription-based token system, you receive a pool of tokens. Your tokens are checked out from the
pool and are used to access and run a full range of CAE solutions available under the MSCOne licensing system.


Each individual software item requires a certain number of tokens to run. After each use, your tokens are returned to the pool for other use. There are dozens of software items available under MSCOne.

Who is it for?

  • Large-scale global enterprises.
  • Small-medium sized companies with tight budgets and heavy engineering needs.
  • Consulting firms that cannot invest in multiple outright per-seat purchases.

MSCOne at a glance

Enjoy the flexibility to allocate simulation resources to any team or site, giving you greater agility to respond to engineering priorities.