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    Gentlemen, A short note to thank you both for the effort you both put into getting the course up and running. It was very useful for me, and, as I said to Fash earlier this morning, I need to ensure I get sufficient time to put the tips and pointers into practice to reinforce the copious messages I received during the course. Steve, please see the very helpful response I got back from Bentley on one of the queries. I will keep you up to date with any other responses I get. Fash, thank you for the offer to listen to any future queries I might have. I have no doubt I will be in touch with you both in the future.
  • Regards, James McLeod Civil Engineer Alstom Power, Boiler & Plant Solutions - Thermal Services

    About CADserve

    With many man-years of specialist knowledge in plant design CADserve Consultants can provide a wide range of services across multiple design disciplines.

    CADserve can boast some of the biggest names in the Process and Power industries as clients. CADserve have been major IT suppliers on projects up to £150 million. Several key employees and associates have been involved with IT supply contracts worth over £500,000.

    The group comprises of professional engineers from plant design backgrounds with extensive knowledge of IT solutions.

    CADserve and Associated Companies support the following industries

    • Chemical processing
    • Power generation
    • Petrochemical
    • Pulp and paper
    • Semiconductors
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Food and beverage
    • Mining and metals
    • Water and waste water
    • Oil & Gas

    CADserve Group can offer services ranging from project start up to plant hand-over. Some of the services offered are

    • Project set-up
    • Project kick-off
    • Software implementation
    • QA procedure consultancy
    • Project management
    • Telephone support
    • On site support
    • Off site problem solving
    • Training
    • Design services & personnel
    • Contract staff
    • Programming in SQL, Access, SQL Server etc.
    • P&ID database and symbol customisation
    • Report formatting
    • Database integration
    • Data conversion
    • Intelligent P&ID conversion
    • Pipe specification generation
    • Instrumentation system customisation
    • Loop diagram customisation / production
    • 3d plant layout - project set up
    • Pipe stress analysis
    • Isometric management and customisation