AutoPLANT Training

CADserve Specialist Trainers

Industry research has shown that, without adequate training, the capability of software is under utilised and the optimal productivity of users is reduced by as much as 50%

Expert training, such as that offered by CADserve, is a proven way to significantly lower the cost of implementing and upgrading technology, dramatically decreasing recurring expenses and substantially improving your return on technology investments. When you receive training from CADserve, you can be assured that you are receiving the highest quality of training available, in the shortest amount of time.

Training can be offered at our own fully equipped training facilities, at a client’s site or any other suitable venue. Clients have the choice of providing their own hardware and software to allow for individual company profiles to be incorporated into standard or customised training routines.

Clients are actively encouraged to provide their own data for use on training courses to ensure that where possible the training given is personal to the end user. Classroom type courses are avoided and the number of course participants is varied to suit the nature of the subject taught ranging from up to 8 persons on a 2D drafting update course to one on one for specialised pipe stress analysis.