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Automotive Industry in transformation..

Industry in transformation…

Government regulations for higher fuel efficiency, consumer demands for safety and comfort, increasing material costs,
and global demand are driving the automotive industry to accelerate innovation and time-to-market.

MSC Software’s tightly integrated simulation solutions in the design and development processes at all major OEMs
and key suppliers make MSC a strategic partner and facilitator to help the auto industry overcome these challenges
efficiently and effectively.

Whether you are a small company designing components or a big supplier or OEM concerned with system level
studies for multiple platforms, you can rely on MSC to have the right solution, services and support infrastructure to
meet your current and future needs.

The complete vehicle engineering process NVH, acoustics, MBD, system-level
dynamic analysis, thermal hydraulics,
gas dynamics
Simulate Engine
Linear and nonlinear stress
analysis of elastomeric
components, NVH, acoustics
Safety systems
Airbags, electronic stability controls
(airbag deployment, cras
Get Intouch Steering
MDB, analysis and optimization,
mechatronics, ride and handling
modelling durability and fatigue
Electonics and electrical
Mechatronics, MBD analysis and
optimization, coupled physics
Fuel system
Fuel tank sloshing,
manufacturing, crash
MDB, stress analysis, acoustics,
material modelling and analysis
Body glass
Manufacturing, impact
performance, defroster studies
Body glass
Manufacturing, impact
performance, defroster studies
Wheels and tires
MBD analysis, optimization
and performance analysis and
optimization, durability and
fatigue, NVH
Pipe and shell noise, durability
thermal, and nonlinear analysis
MBD, analysis optimization,
mechatronics, durability and fatigue,
coupled thermomechanical analysis,
brake squeal
Body and Structural
Composite material
modeling, structural
analysis, design and weight
optimization , durability and
fatigue, crashworthiness
studies, NVH, manufacturing
MBD analysis and optimization,
durability, structural behavior,
nonlinear, manufacturing
process analysis
Climate control and
engine cooling
Structural and thermal analysis,
acoustics, mechatronics

MSC Software Key usage in Automotive:

MSC Software is the Automotive industry’s engineering simulation and analysis partner to drive innovation and speed time-to-market

Solutions for structural analysis

MSC Software’s highly scalable structural analysis solutions enable engineers to simulate components, assemblies and full vehicles. MSC’s proven technologies help engineers: Tackle complex problems with confidence: • Analyze structures and their interactions for linear and nonlinear behavior. • Perform complete assembly analysis of powertrain and suspension components. • Improve performance of seals and mounts with accurate nonlinear analysis. • Analyze composite structures subjected to static, dynamic and thermal loads Achieve high-fidelity validation: • Obtain system loads for accurate stress analysis. • Improve accuracy of multibody dynamic studies with modal results from finite element analysis. • Conduct co-simulation with multibody dynamics (MBD) and finite element analysis (FEA). Accelerate analysis of large models • Perform full-vehicle studies with the help of robust high performance computing and superelements • Perform faster, parallelized dynamic analysis of large models with Automated Component Model Synthesis.

Solutions for safety

Testing performance of all of a vehicle’s components and systems working simultaneously is crucial for ensuring the safety of its occupants. MSC’s solutions provide a complete set of technologies for testing control systems, multibody dynamics and explicit dynamics to simulate various driving maneuvers and vehicle behavior to achieve the highest fidelity crash simulations. Improve collision-related outcomes: • Gain valuable insight into large strains, deformations and structural failures during crash events involving single or multiple vehicles. • Model interaction between multiple components and assemblies and the resulting structural and material failure. • Perform roll stability events to improve predictive capabilities of passive safety simulations. Prepare for the unexpected: • Study the influence of fluid pressures during events like hydroplaning and gas tank sloshing. • Analyze the complex behavior of airbags during deployment under various crash scenarios. • Conduct MBD-Controls cosimulation to evaluate controls strategies for Automatic Braking Systems (ABS). • Reduce braking distances by optimizing controls algorithms in the MBD environment to meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

Build lightweight structures

Successful designs with lighter, stronger, customized composites materials require simulation tools capable of addressing their unique challenges. MSC’s solutions helps auto manufacturers and suppliers meet weight reduction goals and achieve the required fuel efficiency to reach regulation goals quickly and gain competitive edge. Optimize designs to reduce mass: • Optimize shape, size and topology of designs. • Obtain global optimal solution with state of the art optimization methods. • Reduce weight without compromising performance using multidisciplinary optimization tools. Lightweight with new materials: • Optimize laminate lay-up configuration for improved structural performance. • Achieve weight reduction targets by confidently replacing the metal parts with new, lighter, better reinforced plastic and composite materials. • Analyze chopped and continuous fiber reinforced materials accounting for manufacturing process, local fiber orientation, temperature and residual stresses. • Predict the nonlinear, rate-dependent and anisotropic behavior of multi-phase materials without extensive physical testing.

Reduce noise, vibration, harshness (NVH) and optimize acoustics

Use of new materials for lightweighting and engine downsizing has a strong impact on the noise, vibration and harshness behavior of a vehicle. Solve interior and exterior NVH problems and meet regulatory environments, while maintaining the desired unique acoustic signature of vehicles with MSC solutions which enable engineers to: Improve passenger comfort: • Study the acoustic behavior of noise sources like engine and exhaust systems, and the transfer path. • Perform vibro-acoustic analysis of full vehicle models. • Analyze sound absorption of trim materials inside cabin. • Study the influence of road surface and wind induced vibrations. • Use parallelization to get results faster and analyze multiple design variations. Reduce pass-by noise and meet regulations: • Integrate MBD and Acoustics for noise analysis of transmission systems. • Perform sound radiation analyses of vibrating structures, including powertrain, engine components, intakes and exhausts. • Couple with third party CFD programs for higher accuracy in flowinduce noise computations. • Investigate and improve the effectiveness of passive and noise control systems.

Why choose MSC Automotive?

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Simulation in Real Time

  • With Lunar, you can manage the main steps of your project in real time with parametric design and optimization based on very few simulations
    • Concept Design: Parametric Studies, Trial and error
    • Detailed Modeling: Optimization, Model Fitting
    • Validation: Reliability Studies, Robustness



The benefits of ODYSSEE will interest your entire organization:

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A broad spectrum of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) software tools to analyze, validate and optimize designs virtually • Tools to manage complex and comprehensive CAE data to reduce redundancy while increasing innovation and profit • Technology partnerships with leading CAE and HPC providers so you can achieve higher productivity and higher returns on your software and hardware investments

Advanced technology

A broad spectrum of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) software tools to analyze, validate and optimize designs virtually • Tools to manage complex and comprehensive CAE data to reduce redundancy while increasing innovation and profit • Technology partnerships with leading CAE and HPC providers so you can achieve higher productivity and higher returns on your software and hardware investments


• More than fifty years of experience partnering with automotive companies to solve challenging problems • A transfer of knowledge and expertise, customized to your organization so you can operate at maximum efficiency • Affordable learning through in-person and online structured programs suited to your needs

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