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MSC Aearospace


MSC Software is the Aerospace Industry’s trusted simulation and analysis partner to streamline lighter, stronger and safer aircraft


Solutions for structural analysis

An aircraft’s structural components must be designed to withstand the static and dynamic loads experienced during
various stages of flight throughout its lifespan. MSC Software’s proven solutions enable aircraft engineers to accurately
simulate the structural behavior of parts, assemblies and complete systems, while meeting the stringent reporting
requirements of certification agencies around the world.


Achieve certification faster:

• Compute loads experienced by the full vehicle and assemblies during the
entire flight envelope during all payload conditions and flight maneuvers.
• Leverage high-performance computing and reusable superelements to
perform full vehicle studies with efficient use of computing resources.
• Perform durability studies integrated with stress analysis and design
long-lasting products more efficiently.



Tackle complex challenges:

• Perform stress analysis of all stuctural components and assemblies.
• Accurately simulate the materials used in design, including metals,
elastomers, plastics, shape, memory alloys, composites and other

customized materials.

• Perform coupled, uncoupled, and chained simulations to account for
multiple physics experienced by structures.
• Perform coupled simulation to predict as-manufactured part performance.

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