Conoco Phillips Drill Site Technologies

Using Bentley software enabled the team to find problems before they became major, saving both time and money, the design team was able to realize improved quality of engineering information. Project productivity was also improved by the smarter use of shared information, shared documents, and reporting tools. Data integrity was improved by providing weekly reports.


VECO Replicating intelligent data

The VECO Alaska design team simultaneously engineered drill sites CD3 and CD4 for Conoco Phillips Alaska Inc. Tasked with reusing project data to generate several new drill sites and reduce engineering costs to the client, VECO generated and executed a method for reusing intelligent project data. This repeatability of design three and four times produced an estimated 20-30 percent reduction in cost of drill-site design during each data reuse.

VECO uses ProjectWise as its design document management system. All 2D and 3D drawings, supporting design documents, and project management documents are stored within it. Because ProjectWise is fully integrated with AutoPLANT, as well as with Bentleys entire comprehensive portfolio of software, VECO can utilize the security and management of ProjectWise while also taking advantage of the many capabilities of AutoPLANT.