Bentley Descartes : Advanced Processing for 3D Imagery

Make the most of your reality modeling data with the ability to integrate point clouds, reality meshes, scalable digital terrain models, and raster imagery into your infrastructure workflows. With Descartes you can extend your capabilities to extract value from reality modeling data of any scale through the ability to:

Visualize and manipulate its display
Combine it with CAD, BIM, and GIS data
Extract information like terrain models
Edit and clean up reality modeling data
Most infrastructure projects require the conversion of legacy documents. Descartes helps you integrate all imagery into engineering workflows to improve the overall quality of your project. You benefit from the ability to:
Work with all data types, regardless of size, in a single product
Use advanced modeling, clipping, and sectioning tools to create 3D models of as-built conditions
Extract ground and breaklines from reality meshes and point clouds
Search and visualize reality meshes by enriching and classifying regions with additional information
Streamline point cloud to geometry conversion
Enrich, segment, and classify point clouds and combine them with engineering models
Produce animations and renderings for presentations
In addition to its robust capabilities to work with reality modeling data, the software ensures you have seamless integration with ProjectWise. This integration provides streaming that helps you work with extremely large files. Using ProjectWise reduces the risk of mismanaging your data and helps maintain document integrity.

Convert raster documents to vector drawings

Preserve and exploit your scanned documents and drawings. Work in hybrid workflows using raster and vector editing, cleanup, and processing tools to vectorize legacy documents. Isolate a color and extract the associated features via lines or heads-up digitizing at survey-level accuracy.

Create animations, videos, and fly-throughs

Produce high-resolution orthographic and perspective images by rendering snapshots of any size. Set image size and scales using output rulers, scale, and positioning for accurate reuse. Take advantage of the intuitive time-based fly-through and object animation system for quick and easy movie production.

Create high-fidelity images

Use high-fidelity imaging tools to support precision mapping and engineering. Combine imagery in virtually any format and projection.

Create scalable terrain models

​​Use and display very large terrain models to increase return on investment on large datasets. Display scalable terrain models in a variety of modes, such as smooth shading with shadows, aspect angle, elevation, slope, contours, and more. Synchronize terrain models with source data such as DGN files, point-cloud data, and more.

Integrate data from many sources with reality meshes

Enrich reality meshes with additional data like geospatial information, by attaching it to specific parts of the mesh, providing the ability to subsequently search and visualize regions of a mesh based on the associated data.

Process raster images

​​​Use raster processing to add visualization and context to your infrastructure projects. Take advantage of immediate editing of raster data to improve the quality of your project deliverables. Lower costs associated with data maintenance by readily using legacy raster drawings in your workflow.

Visualize, manipulate and edit reality modeling data

Visualize and edit point clouds with billions of points, changing their classification, color and removing or editing points. Manipulate reality meshes and scalable terrain models with hundreds of millions of triangles. Import, retouch, and export meshes in many formats.



Advanced Point-cloud Processing Increases Productivity

Bentley Descartes integrates point-cloud data with engineering tools. Advanced modeling tools, clipping, and sectioning tools enable efficient 3D modeling of as built conditions and streamline point cloud to geometry conversion. Point clouds can be enriched, segmented and classified to be combined with engineering models to produce hybrid models. Animations and renderings for presentation can also be produced. These capabilities enable users to better evaluate point clouds and produce more accurate engineering models, for civil, building, plant, and geospatial projects. Intuitive Manipulation of Large Scalable


Intuitive Manipulation of Large Scalable Terrain Models

Bentley Descartes enables the use and display of very large terrain models, typically for city or regional level planning, increasing the return on investment on large datasets. Users can display the scalable terrain model (STM) in a variety of modes and can easily keep it up to date by synchronizing it with a wide variety of sources.


High-fidelity Imaging Supports Precision Mapping and Engineering

Bentley Descartes enables users to combine imagery in virtually any format and projection with the precision mapping capabilities of MicroStation® and Bentley Map®, to support business or government requirements.


On-the-fly Projection of Georeferenced Images

When used with Bentley Map, any georeferenced image can be transformed on the fly to another coordinate system and projection. Dynamic resampling provides instantaneous raster transformation and Job Manager allows users to process resampling jobs in batch.


Fast Creation of Seamless Image Mosaics

Capitalize on Bentley Descartes’ high-performance display engine to create seamless mosaics of multiple images, scanned aerial photos or adjacent raster scanned images to see the complete picture. Source images can be left in their original form or merged into one file to create an easily transportable mosaic.


Flexible Image Manipulation and Rapid Document Editing

Bentley Descartes includes tools to crop, copy, move, merge, scale, mirror, square, and rotate images or objects within images, as well as tools to make regions of images translucent or transparent. Use these capabilities to automate production of montages, corridor and plan sheet alignments, or to lay out plots or documents.


Precision Registration

Bentley Descartes’ unique WYSIWYG image registration is much more intuitive than other approaches that require distinct windows for vector and image data and that rely heavily upon transformational statistics. Registration provides for dynamic warping that overlays vector data over the uncorrected image to enable users to verify the transformation model before resampling the image, and for transformation of vector data through the same model and batch resampling of images.


Native Support for a Wide Variety of Industry Formats

Bentley Descartes supports a wide variety of industrystandard image formats, including native binary, grayscale, and color image formats. All are implemented natively for optimal performance. Fast open and save operations, without conversion, are supported and files can easily be converted to any supported format.