promise V8i

The Ultimate Set of Electrical CAD Control System Design & Documentation Software Tools

promise is intelligent software for electrical control system design. With promise, you can generate electrical schematics, panel layouts, bills of material, wire lists, terminal plans, and more in record time. promise streamlines the control system design process by performing many tedious operations automatically, including ID assignment, cross referencing, wire numbering, and list generation. These tasks are completed much faster and with fewer errors compared to manual methods. Support for multiple disciplines allows you to include electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and process control diagrams in your projects. promise runs as an application on top of AutoCAD or as a standalone, MicroStation-compatible system.

promis•e provides everything you need for control system design and documentation.

  1. Fast schematic design
  2. Large electrical symbol library included
  3. Real time cross-referencing
  4. Logical error-checking
  5. Parts database
  6. Bills of Material
  7. Wire list
  8. Graphical terminal plans
  9. Multiple languages for menus, dialogs

promis•e is intelligent software for control system design. With promis•e, you can generate control system schematics, panel layouts, bills of material, wire lists, terminal plans, and more in record time, because promis•e automates the design process.

promis•e provides a set of powerful drawing functions including symbol libraries, macros, cut & paste editing, and automatic line (wire) breaking. But in addition, promis•e automatically performs many non-value added tasks such as ID assignment, cross referencing, wire numbering and list generation. These tedious operations are performed not only much faster but with fewer errors. This intelligence is what sets promis•e apart from ordinary mechanical CAD solutions.


By organizing work into projects, promis•e seamlessly integrates the elements of the total control system design. By clicking on cross reference links, the Navigator function takes you from one occurrence of an ID (say a relay coil) to the next occurrence of that ID (such as an auxiliary contact) on another schematic page. You can also jump from a schematic symbol to that same item in a panel layout or wiring diagram drawing, or from a displayed part number to the full database screen for that part. The result? You work rapidly with maximum efficiency.

promis•e is a multi-discipline design tool, suitable for electrical, process control, hydraulic and pneumatic applications.

For those seeking additional automation in the generation of control system projects, promis•e offers an API (Application Programming Interface) that allows custom programming to operate the software.

A truly international solution, promis•e fully supports both IEC/DIN and ANSI/JIC page and symbol formats. Dialogs and menus can be set for various languages including English, Chinese and German.

Running as an application on top of AutoCAD or MicroStation, promis•e electrical CAD software lets you remain in a familiar environment while accessing the full functionality of promis•e.

To better meet your functional and budgetary requirements, promis•e software is offered in four levels: Express, Standard, Professional, and Enterprise.

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Increased Productivity

All of the following aspects of promise boost your productivity by allowing you to work faster and more efficiently.


Intelligent Schematic Design

Unlike standard electrical CAD software, promise treats a wire as a wire, not as a simple line. It can recognize the connections between devices, differences in potentials, and so on. System logic also provides automatic device ID assignment, automatic cross referencing, automatic wire numbering and error checking. Many of these functions are performed in real time, as you work.


Project-based Workflow

All the electrical drawings and reports for a job are part of an inter-related project. Changes made to one part of the project are automatically reflected in the rest of the project. This greatly reduces the amount of work required when revising a control system design and also eliminates many potential errors.


Multiple Platform Support

promise can run as an add-on to AutoCAD or as a stand-alone product that has the MicroStation CAD engine built-in.


Adherence to Standards

You can configure your promise system to default to the standards followed by your organization for control system schematics. This includes page formats, title blocks, ID formats and symbol libraries. These can be shared on a network to ensure consistency and ease of updating files


Automatic Documentation Generation

You can generate reports and other documentation automatically, based on the content of your designs. This includes bills of material, purchase order lists, job costing analyses, wire lists, wire labels, terminal plans, cable diagrams, and more.


Comprehensive Parts Database

An integrated parts database allows you to associate the components in your control system design with extensive parts information. Parts database files are available for many leading equipment manufacturers, eliminating the need to enter this data manually.


Multi-discipline Solution

The drawing modes available in promise allow you to include electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, wiring diagram and panel layout drawings in the same project and even on the same page. The same item can be referenced in different drawing modes.


Compatible with Other Bentley Products

promise is well integrated with ProjectWise to provide document control for individual promise drawings. promise can share information with AutoPLANT, including parts data, tags, and attributes. The functionality of MicroStation is directly integrated into the product so an addition CAD platform is not required unless using the AutoCAD version of promise.


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