Bentley OpenPlant PowerPID V8i

The Open Solution for Creating Intelligent Piping and Instrumentation Design (P&ID) Documents

Piping and instrumentation design documents (P&IDs) are a critical component in design and operational collaboration for process plants. Intelligent P&IDs save design time, shorten project cycles, and provide safer, higher productivity plants. OpenPlant PowerPID is an easy-to-use, data-driven application for the rapid production of intelligent P&IDs, allowing users to capture and reuse information in an open format. It reduces the time required to create these critical documents and enables the sharing of all process information across the lifecycle of the asset. As OpenPlant PowerPID is the first intelligent P&ID software designed around the ISO 15926 open data schema, any data created in PowerPID is available to be shared without the need for complex, proprietary APIs. The data you create is all yours! P&IDs needed in multiple formats? No problems! One of the benefits of OpenPlant PowerPID's architecture is that it can create P&IDs in either DWG or DGN. Collaboration is also greatly enhanced, PowerPID users are able to share libraries, catalogs, and custom components not only among project members, but across projects in order to increase reuseablity and shorten design time. Through Bentley's ProjectWise and eB Insight, OpenPlant PowerPID users can ensure that intelligent P&IDs aren't limited to design, but are available to operational teams to aid in maintenance and regulatory compliance. Users of PlantSpace P&ID or AutoPLANT P&ID that wish to migrate their installations to OpenPlant PowerPID can do so today. Users of PlantSpace can see an overview of the migration architecture on this link, while those who wish to know more about migrating AutoPLANT P&IDs to OpenPlant PowerPID should click here.

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Rapid Creation of Intelligent P&IDs

OpenPlant PowerPID is piping and instrumentation design software with all of the components needed to create P&IDs quickly and consistently. It was designed first and foremost as an intelligent, data-driven (or rules-driven) package leveraging the best features of both AutoPLANT P&ID and PlantSpace P&ID. OpenPlant PowerPID is the most productive solution on the market for creating P&IDs


Conceptual Design Through to Detail Design

Support for iRING data exchange allows for the automatic generation of P&IDs from other sources. OpenPlant PowerPID supports using Bentley i-model and ISO 15926 RDF/OWL-based interoperability features within OpenPlant PowerPID, AXSYS.Process, Bentley I&W, and Data Manager to enable specific data exchange capabilities between these products and external data sources supporting ISO 15926 RDF/OWL iRING protocol.


Powerful Project Support

Data can either be stored using the drawing file as a repository or in the Bentley's plant project database, providing the ability to share work, from files to components, in a distributed project environment. Even multiple projects can share reuseable information in order to leverage knowledge and best practices in a consistent and time saving manner. The integration also means users can natively integrate OpenPlant PowerPID with other Bentley plant applications such as Instrumentation and Wiring, Bentley Datasheets, Bentley Data Manager, and AutoPLANT. For truly global support for large projects, OpenPlant PowerPID works with ProjectWise to provide full version control across all documents for all stakeholders. So whether your working standalone, on small projects or in globe-spanning mega-projects, OpenPlant PowerPID can help you create, distribute and manage intelligent P&IDs.


Consistency Checking

OpenPlant PowerPID comes with a rules engine that allows users to create design checking rules that are configured based on the ISO 15926 model. The user can select from one of the available persistence modes to determine when the rules are run: immediately, on a timed basis, or on user request only. When a rule finds a component in an invalid design state, the component will be flagged for follow up. The rules engine allows company-specific rules to be separated from the open data model, giving organizations the flexibility to create PIDs reflecting their competitive edge.


Design History

OpenPlant PowerPID allows users to save unlimited versions of drawings, including all component level details at a specific point in time. Design History provides the capability to graphically view changes in components between each version.


Content Browser

Navigate through the drawing file using the Content Browser to zoom to, highlight, and isolate specific components. The Content Browser also gives you the ability to display the connectivity of the equipment/piping as well as the order of the inline components that are in the drawing file.


Enhanced Assembly Management

OpenPlant PowerPID provides extensive capabilities for management of assemblies. Assemblies can be placed as a group or individual components and stand-alone or inline assemblies are supported. Data is automatically associated with the assembly which can be modified prior to the actual use and insertion of the assembly within a P&ID. This lets organizations define, maintain, and manage complete graphical and plant engineering best practices in one place.


Support for Parametric Components

OpenPlant PowerPID supports the use of parametric components based on relevant plant engineering information and has a dynamic user interfaces to preview the component prior to insertion. Parametric vessels with dynamic heads and internals, parametric control valves with dynamic actuators, and selectable end conditions are just a few of the options available in OpenPlant PowerPID.


Supports DWG and DGN Formats

Need to work in today's complext plant engineering design projects with multiple applications using both DWG and DWG file formats? OpenPlant PowerPID can save work in either format in order to produce intelligent deliverables. The drawing intelligence will persist regardless of the format of the deliverable chosen.


Native Interoperability with iRING

Support for iRING data exchange allows for the automatic generation of P&IDs from other sources. OpenPlant PowerPID supports using Bentley i-model and ISO 15926 RDF/OWL-based interoperability features within OpenPlant PowerPID and AXSYS.Process


On Site Installation

We can deliver, configure, load, test, integrate, and verify functionality on a variety of software applications and hardware. Software can be loaded on stand-alone workstations or networked environments.


Full Training Facilities Across UK

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