Bentley Raceway and Cable Management V8i

Electrical 3D CAD Software for Raceway, Conduit, and Cable Tray Design and Routing

Designing complex raceway and cable systems used to require multiple software products to handle the wide range of design and documentation tasks typically involved. Today, Bentley Raceway and Cable Management improves design efficiency by providing complete layout, routing, and material estimating functions in a single, integrated system for raceways, cable trays, conduits, and the cables that run through them. It creates the framework for an effective workflow spanning all phases of the design, from initial concept to detailed layout and construction deliverables, saving time and reducing costs.

conceptual design Facilitates early Project Planning

Bentley Raceway and Cable Management features a conceptual design mode for a projects early stages. Users can define equipment nodes in the facility, assign equipment tags to the nodes, and define the required raceway routes to connect them. Automatic raceway sizing takes into account the number and type of cables routed between each equipment node. Users can generate bills of quantity for placing early orders, and can also provide material and space estimates to other disciplines collaborating on the overall facility design. As additional information becomes available, it is easy to update the conceptual design. Data is available at any time for use in the 3D detailed design mode.

detailed design enables accurate 3d Layouts

The detailed design mode allows the user to create an accurate 3D model of the raceway system. Intelligent drawing functions allow raceway sections to be placed and manipulated quickly and easily. With multi-routing, users can place multiple parallel raceways simultaneously. The raceway display can also be filtered by categories such as voltage level, making it easier to visualize complex installations. Users can also place and configure electrical equipment, including the layout of equipment inside each cabinet. This facilitates accurate cable length calculation and connection information. Each object in the model is linked to the parts database, providing accurate component data. The 3D model makes it easy to ensure that adequate space and clearances are available, preventing costly construction delays. Users can automatically extract 2D construction deliverables of the detailed design.

cable routing Functions Save time

As cables are defined between two equipment nodes, the software can automatically determine the best route through the existing raceways. This routing takes into account not only distance, but also the types of cables that are permitted in each raceway and the available capacity and weight that can be carried by the raceways. Users can quickly determine when the size or number of raceways needs to be adjusted.

automatic report Generation helps Keep Project on Schedule

At any point in the conceptual or detailed design process, the user can automatically generate output including bills of quantity, bills of material, raceway schedules, cable schedules, and cable pull cards. The ability to quickly generate accurate material estimates is vital for placing orders in a timely manner to keep the project on schedule.

Integration with other Bentley Products allows for collaboration and effective use of design data

Bentley Raceway and Cable Management can exchange data with other Bentley products to eliminate data re-entry. For example, cables defined in Bentley Substation can be brought into Bentley Raceway and Cable Management, without reentering cable tags and connection information, saving time and preventing errors. 


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Raceway and Cable Tray Design With Integrated Cable Management for Efficient Workflow

In a single, integrated system, users can design complex raceway systems, route and manage the cables that run through them, and generate bills of material, cable schedules, construction drawings, and other deliverables. This eliminates the need to re-enter and sync data in separate applications.


Conceptual Design for Early Planning

Starting with a conceptual design facilitates early project planning. By defining equipment nodes in the facility and the required raceway routes to connect them, users can make accurate cable and raceway estimates early in the design cycle and order materials in advance to meet schedules. Space allocations can be easily provided to other design disciplines to improve collaboration. Conceptual design data is available at any time for use in the detailed design.


3D Detailed Design for Accurate Measurements and Visualization

Users can create a detailed 3D model of the raceway system with the softwares powerful, parametric raceway engine. They can include electrical equipment in the design model and they can route cables. The 3D model enables accurate material estimates and clearance checking.


Automatic Cable Routing Saves Time

Cable routing is fast and intuitive. Automatic and manual routing modes are available with user-definable constraints to meet any design requirements.


Automatic Report Generation for Up-to-Date Information

Comprehensive reports are immediately available throughout the design process, including bills of materials, bills of quantities, raceway schedules, cable schedules, cable drum schedules, cable pull cards, cable status lists, cable route lists, and more. These automatically generated documents accurately reflect the current design.


2D Drawing Extraction for Construction Deliverables

Users can make 2D extractions automatically from the 3D model for construction deliverables. Section views are dynamically linked with the 3D model to include cable and raceway properties. The Update Section tool provides easy change management.


Extensive Content Included

Raceway content based on manufacturers' catalogs and generic equipment types enables users to rapidly and accurately create a design linked to the bill of materials. Cable ladders, solid bottom cables trays, wire baskets, conduits, cable trenches, supports, and dividers are all supported.


Complements Other Bentley Products

Bentley Raceway and Cable Management complements and interacts with other Bentley products. Cable and equipment lists, for example, can be imported from Bentley Substation using i-models. 2D and 3D plant models created in OpenPlant and AutoPLANT can be used as reference files so that raceways are properly located.


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